No Smoking Sign Library

No Smoking Sign Library
June 2007 – ongoing

A collection of alternatives to compliment the archetypal No Smoking sign. All signs can be downloaded from this page and used for free in public and private places.

To download an EPS file click to enlarge the No Smoking sign, then click the blue link.

I invite you to draw a ‘No Smoking’ sign to be added to the collection. To contribute please email a vector EPS graphic that fits within a 100mm square, using just red and black to: daniel (at) eatock (dot) com
Roger Bradley
Anne Schiffer
Ken Davis
Paul Sparks
Jordi Pujol
Esra Eren
Konrad Trzeszczkowski
Abdul Hamid
Jean André
Roman Milisic
Matt Grey
Alan Murphy
Ed Price
Noah Hilsenrad
Joel Priestland
Natalie Shortt
Ashley O’Brien
Ashley O’Brien
Ashley O’Brien
Carlos Maraver
Joseph Hales
Mike Burrill
Eric Robinson
Jack Farrelly
Rowen Frazer
Lars Ivar Røed
Charlotte Dumont
David Dufour
Jess Vds
Tim Zammattio
Monster Kid
Sebastian Peetz
Tim Kwasieckyj
Russell Burgoyne
Ben Barker
David Bormans
Tim Water
James Rush
Steven Burke
Julian James
Christine Kline
Steve Rack
Jon Burgerman
Tom Yard
Emily Usher
Danielle Billings
Daniel Cuthbertson
Ben Hackshaw
Scott Lunny
Heath Kane
Tunc Tunctunc
Roberta D'Angelo
Roberta D'Angelo
Jonathan Lister
Aejandro González
Ben Hackshaw
Julien Bouvet
Ben Jeffery
Ben Hackshaw
Michael Rabinson
Luciano Civitico
Luciano Civitico
Dave Lynch
Raimo Böse
Giulia Miglioranza
Lorenzo Cercelletta
Andrea Buran
Jake Pover
Aurora Biancardi
Christopher Simmons
Mario Ciaramitaro
Phil Ward
Phil Ward
Sanderson Bob
Damien Safie
Darren Barber
Darren Barber
Andy Rowbotham
Sonsoles Alvarez
Darren Barber
Darren Barber
Boris Schandert
Senan Lee
Scott / Move in Space
Alistair Veryard
Alistair Veryard
Nik Daughtry
Sam Ely
Kevin Taylor
Lina Hakim
Jake Pover
Jennifer Kennedy
Stuart Weston
Adam Jennings
Nicolas Abraham Apfelbaum Devincent
Lee Henderson
Jose A Contreras
Sali Tabacchi
Sali Tabacchi
Sali Tabacchi
Oisín Share
João Parada
Owen Jones
Carl Monte-D'Cruz
Alexis Taylor
Drew Heffron
Christian Eager
Nick Jeeves
Martin M Schilling
Adam Jennings
Javita Retamal Benavente
Luis C Pavón
Steven Harrison
Jon Lane-Smith
Jon Lane-Smith
Rick Martin
Justin Hutchison
James Ware
John Roche
Fred Birdsall
John Paul Dowling
Peter Wright
Maxime Delporte
Maxime Delporte
Seong Lim
Libby Lewis
Clara Lilley
Sheridan McWilliam
Rik Moran
Heidi Robertson
Robert Leguillon
John Thomas Hudson
Filipe Cartaxo Silva
Tom Crawshaw
Tom Atkinson
James O'Leary
Christian Eager
Ben Gleadall
Michael Mc Guinness
Wayne Christian
Joe Waller
Beat Raess
Maxwell Harrison
Louis Ferracane
Sun Jung
Caroline Taylor
Nick Shea
James Boynton
Alexandra Roche
Ben Harris
Joram Salisbury
Micah Panama
Linus Kraemer
Sarah Boris
Paul Cleary
James Boynton
Jonty O'Connor
John Bell
Jeffery Vaska
Denis Kovac
Craig Oldham
Mattew Gill-Brown
Louis Mikolay
Sam Mallett
Sam Mallett