Black Friday Rolling Pin Paintings

Black Friday - Rolling Pin Paintings

For the month of November I offered my Rolling Pin Paintings for sale at half their normal price. BUT, in protest (and celebration) of BLACK FRIDAY, I rolled an additional black shape as an extra layer on top of the existing painting. This changed, enhanced, complimented, destroyed, obscured the original work. The new ‘Black Friday’ versions of the original Rolling Pin Paintings are first revealed when the buyer received delivery of the work. Thank you to everybody who participated.
BF RD 150 (sold)
BF RD 149 (sold)
BF RD 148 (sold)
BF RD 147 (sold)
BF RD 145 (sold)
BF RD 144 (sold)
BF RD 143 (sold)
BF RD 141 (sold)
BF RD 139 (sold)
BF RD 138 (sold)
BF RD 135 (sold)
BF RD 129 (sold)
BF RD 120 (sold)
BF RD 118 (sold)
BF RD 116 (sold)
BF RD 114 (sold)
BF RD 108 (sold)
BF RD 105 (sold)
BF RD 103 (sold)
BF RD 101 (sold)
BF RD 91 (sold)
BF RD 86 (sold)
BF RD 80 (sold)
BF RD 69 (sold)
BF RD 62 (sold)
BF RD 31 (sold)
BF RD 04 (sold)