Large Paintings

Rolling Pin Painting
acrylic on birch plywood panel
A0 841 x 1188mm

A painting is often an attempt to paint the illusion of three dimensions, be it a still life or abstract. Depth, space – a window to the world. The Rolling Pin Paintings are made to break this illusion, they are very flat. The paint is rolled with an implement designed for rolling dough or pastry. The forms that emerge appear anamorphic, stretched and dilated. Colours collide with the rolling, the action creates the composition using the location of the paints application as their starting points. Like a journey undertaken when a destination is unknown, the painting materialises with the action. The action reveals a form that is meant to be. I act as facilitator, allowing what is meant to be, to emerge. The colours are emotimaticaly selected on the day the painting is made. In a world of skeumorphic illusion these works are ‘flat’, a search for a meaningful truth. Not attempting to appear like something it is not, but embracing everything that it truly is.

Ref: RPA0.04
Ref: RPA0.03
Ref: RPA0.01