Concetto Spaziale

A selection of 150 Concetto Spaziale…
140mm x 225mm, 150 pages
Black-and-white, softcover
Edition 250
Published in 2009 by onestar press

Do you know that canvas you see in every permanent collection in every art museum around the world that has been slashed by an artist called Fontana? There are many of them, each a slightly different size, with a different length slash. When encountering them I peer through the slash to the dark shadow, ‘concetto spaziale’, adjusting my eyes to the light that reaches the gallery wall.

I wonder how many canvasses Fontana slashed, and how they would look displayed from the longest to the shortest? The book aligns and extends these voids reproduced one per page from longest slash to smallest each reproduced at aspect ratio 1:12)

Thank you Louise Naunton Morgan for production assistance.