Rolled Squeezed Absorbed

Rolled Squeezed Absorbed Felt-Tip Pen Prints
Winsor & Newton Promarkers, 90gsm copy paper
A4 210mm x 297mm
Signed/numbered edition of 50 (each unique)

Fifty sheets of white A4 paper, signed/dated/numbered, individually ‘rolled’ and ‘squeezed’ into irregular paper balls. Placed into a box and left for 24 hours with a complete set of Winsor & Newton Promarkers resting on their outer surfaces. The ink from the markers was ‘absorbed’ and the white of the paper was transformed into organic ‘full spectrum’ compositions, informed by the shape and contours of the crumpled paper. The work can be displayed as a ball without being opened, or can carefully be opened and smoothed, revealing the felt-tip bleed marks. The signature and date give the work its orientation.

£100 (assigned randomly)