I received a lovely invitation to make new work from Matej Knezevic, a visual artist who runs a gallery space called Ligatura, which is located inside a hospital, where he also works as a urological surgeon.

Title = Reravel

Description = In his artistic practice, Daniel Eatock is guided by the principles of a rational and pragmatic approach aimed at solving problems. Within such modality of work, superiority is given to the idea. A sort of a problem that requires a solution was presented to Daniel during the proposition for intervention in the gallery space located inside of the hospital. The answer offered by the author to this proposal leans to his practice, but also communicates very precisely with the medical environment, taking into account its specificity. Through his practice, Daniel Eatock often investigates everyday materials and situations, analyzing the possibilities of repurposing and moving into an unexpected context. Within this area of interest, adhesive tapes are a frequent motif as an object, through which he explores different rearrangement procedures. Several previous works with tapes are connected by the idea of considering volume in relation to the environment with which the material encounters. Through these works a noticeable evolution and variation of the materiality of the same thought can be observed. Here in the case of the intervention in the Ligatura hospital gallery, the author uses medical tapes of different purposes that are recoiled around cylindrical shapes and architectural elements. The application of tapes and bandaging in this way mirror the presence of the individuals who dwell within this medical space, both patients and medical proffesionals. This simple gesture of displacement is not only a conceptual quip, but also an aesthetic shift. Intervention communicates on additional levels, among others it brings a touch of cheerfulness and humor to the space where it is so much welcomed. Matej Knezevic