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Hour Ideas

Sessions last 60 minutes, and take place in my studio in East London, your place of work or remotely.

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Focused and collaborative, together we talk, draw, write, Google things, make coffee (if needed), walk around the block. We dream of possibilities, pushing each other, encouraging and shaping thought into inspiring ideas.

Ideas are the foundation for all creative endeavours. Ideas are fragile, and during their generation we treat them with care so they can blossom, nothing is shut down. Silly ideas can lead to profound things.

I work with design studios, advertising agencies, innovation consultancies, start-ups, and collaborate with creative teams, established creative directors, strategists, planners, non creatives, entrepreneurs, young and old, local and international.

My approach is interdisciplinary, non subject specific and collaborative, combining a practical commercial understanding steaming from graphic design with a reductive conceptual purity of thought from art and teaching. Everything generated in the meeting is yours, and remains confidential.