Question the Brief

Count Calculate Extrapolate Estimate Create…

One week workshop first delivered to graphic design students at ArtEZ Arnhem

Between the age of 26 and 27, the typical persons heart will reach its billionth beat. Questions to raise questions. Questions to answer. How many holes can you punch in a sheet of A4 paper using a hole punch? What is the longest unbroken line you can draw on an A4 page without overlapping or going of the page? How long does it take for an erasure to erase its self? How far can you drive before you stop at a red light? If Usain Bolt continued to accelerate at the rate at which he covers 100 meters, how long before he breaks the sound barrier? What is the volume of one tear from everybody in the world? How long does it take you to count one minute? How large would an hour glass be to hold all the sand from all the beaches in the world? How many full moons have we witnessed since man first landed on it? How many kilometres did Ayrton Senna race in Formula 1? How many holes exist on a dart board? How long a line can your pencil draw? Can a plane fly with the Earths rotation and stay static in relation to the ground? Can you drive a car counter to the Earths rotation and remain static in space? (same concept as a runner on a treadmill) What is the combined physical length of all of Alfred Hitchcocks films? How large would one vinyl record need to be to hold every number one hit since its invention? What is the longest journey you can drive avoiding traffic lights? What is the distance it takes Usain Bolt to stop after sprinting 100 meters? What is the longest line you can spray with one can of spray paint? What distance is required to pour the contents of a one litter bottle of olive oil in one stream before it hits the floor? How much can the small erasure at the end of the pencil erase of the pencil lead from the pencil its attached? Is it possible to get a tan from the moon? How far does a football travel in a typical game? How many Keith Moon drum beats are recorded on studio albums? What is the furthest distance a human can travel in one year? What is the largest number you have counted to? How many meters long would the second hand of a clock need to be for the tip to be traveling at 100kph? How many times has Big Ben chimed? How many times can a shoe lace be fastened? How many grains of sugar in a small sachet? What is the volume of a ton of feathers? How much milk can a cow produce? How many needles on a typical family Christmas tree? How long is a piece of string? How many stars can we see? How many songs have questions as titles? What is the length of Rapunzels hair? How many people would be alive if nobody had ever died? Which printer can draw the fastest unbroken 1 kilometre line? How long does in take to recite the Great Gatsby in one recital? What distance can the average pair of scissors cut through 90gsm copy paper? What is the longest electrical extension lead in the world? What is the deepest hole ever dug with one spade? What colour would you get if you mixed all the paint in the world? How many questions exist that have no answers?