In exchange for…

In exchange for…

Exchange proposals made in response to requests received via email. My intention is to establish a fair and creative exchange for both parties. Requests will be posted along with my spur of the moment, unplanned haphazard and never repeated proposals for exchange…

Green = successful exchange
Red = waiting to happen or failed exchange

Hi Daniel! I hope this series of letters and punctuation marks finds you in good health and spirits!

My name is Morgan Martino, I'm a recent graduate from the Industrial Design programme at Emily Carr University of Art + Design currently exploring how material culture of the everyday impacts our relationship to care. I recently came across your website by way of Marc Fishers 'Public Collectors' website and was immediately and completely enthralled by it—your passion for collections of the vernacular and ability to form communities through collaborative work is very inspiring and makes my heart vibrate.

Now, onto my request: I've been collecting shopping lists for the past three or so years from parking lots and sidewalks; as small windows into the lives, tastes and rituals of nearby strangers. I was wondering if you would be willing to send me a grocery list (either one you've made or one you've found) for my collection?

I look forward to hearing from you and hope you have a pleasant last few weeks of 2021.

With care~Morgan

Hello Morgan, In exchange for this book, regards Dan

Dear Mr. Eatock, I'm Francesca Lucchitta a visual communicator and researcher based in Amsterdam. I sometimes remember your website and spend some great time looking at it, thank you for having such an organised and inspiring archive of your work. Three friends of mine (Andoni, Elia and Kyu) initiated the following project in their house in Amsterdam. Introducing space #1 it won’t be a dinner with contributions by Beatriz Conefrey, Harriet Foyster, Francesca Lucchitta, Fabian Reichle, Elizaveta Strakhova → Schakelstraat 23, 1014 AW Amsterdam → September 26th 2019, 18:30–21:30 #1 do not permanently exists #1 generates new territories in existing ones #1 unfolds within the frame of domestic space #1 it won’t be a dinner. They ask me to think about the communication of the event and they just sent me the title and the other informations. This morning I was looking at your website and when I later read It won't be a dinner I immediately thought about your Table arrangements. I would like to purpose you an exchange: the use of the composition named Travell for the communication of the event (sms–poster at the Gerriet Rietveld Academie and Sandberg Instituut) in exchange for this book. Hope to hear back from you soon. Regards, Francesca

Dear Francesca – Yes

Hello Daniel, I am a final year graphic design student at London College of Communication. I am currently working on my thesis: Play in design process and practice. I am fascinated by your processes and I would love to have a chat with you via email, or if possible, have an interview with you? It would be truly helpful with expanding my knowledge in this subject. I further came across your process in OFFF London last year. Your work is very inspiring and I would be truly grateful to be able to have a chat with you. Thank you, Stephanie

Hello Stephanie, in exchange for – wool toe socks Regards D

Dear Daniel Eatock Please allow me to introduce myself. I write, as a second-year graphic design student at Ravensbourne in London, carrying out research for my dissertation for next year, and as a music fan of various persuasions. I have decided to build my text around the re-birth of vinyl and specifically, the influence of creative design/art projects have had to the benefit of this re-birth. My subject title is: To what extent has innovation surfacing from designers and artists contributed to the re-birth of vinyl whilst under the domination of a digital revolution? I recently saw the music video of the collaboration between Ice, Sea Dead People, Andy Holden and yourself. With this project in mind and your work as a graphic designer, I wondered if you could answer a few questions, to help me out. Many Thanks Ali Nouri

Hello Ali, in exchange for – this book Regards D

Dear Mr. Eatock, My name is Francesca Lucchitta and, after an year working, I am currently a student at Studio for Immediate Spaces MA at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam.
Some week ago I visited a design exhibition in Eindhoven and I found some handmade signs that tell you not. I put them in a folder named Don't and yesterday night I found your don't collection. I wonder if I can sand you them In exchange for a 27 minutes walking together in the Netherlands next time you'll come here. Look forward to hearing from you.Regards Francesca


Hello, My name is Cecilia McCormick and I am a final year Graphic Design student at Kingston University. In our second year, we were lucky enough to have a series of Designers coming in to talk with us about their practice. This link to industry and a space beyond university was invaluable and in our third year, I would like this to continue. However, often the presentations felt to formal and so I am starting a series called P(late), a series of talks from designers followed by a communal meal, where discussions can take place informally. I was wondering if you would be interested in being one of the speakers. Your “In exchange for…” came to mind as soon as I was beginning to think of who to contact. I am happy to make a different exchange for this, but my idea was for each talk to be in exchange for a delicious meal. Let me know what you think, I look forward to hearing from you! Cecilia

Hello Cecilia, I propose we combine the two – a group conversation, over, during and in exchange for dinner, at St Johns one Tuesday evening Regards D

Good afternoon Daniel! I am undertaking research for my dissertation on the creative process, specifically investigating what propels designers forward creatively when they are stuck (creative block). I am completing my final year BA(Hons) course in Graphic Design at the Arts University of Bournemouth. If you could help me in my research by answering the following questions I would be most grateful. The questions are for you to interpret and in this way you are welcome to answer them in whatever way you see fit. 1. Describe your creative process. 2. How do you bring up your creative resonance and harness creativity? 3. What are some of the difficulties you encounter during the creative process? 4. How do you overcome creative blocks? I look forward to hearing your response.Best Wishes Gemma Gibb

Hello Gemma, a Skype talk in exchange for A butter churner Regards D

Hi Mr.Eatock, I've been looking at your website trying to put myself in your shoes and brainstorm for my final project exhibition of my Visual Communication and Design degree - and then I figured what's the harm in asking for your advice.I admire your ideas and how you formulate them into projects and outcomes. My project is on the topic of planned obsolescence based on an essay (attached below) 'Towards a throw a culture' by Nigel Whiteley. It focuses on the history and reasons why we buy into consumerism and how planned obsolescence is now built-into society and hence should be referred to as 'genuine obsolescence'. I won't bore you with the details, however I am interested in including expendable objects such as a disposable camera and re-creating the Pop poster paper dresses from the 70's as they represent the height of planned obsolescence and consumerism. I understand that this email seems to be loaded with unrealistic expectations and I understand if you're too busy - however, I would really appreciate any advice, thoughts, actions or ideas. Thankyou, Hope to hear from you, Liora Cher

Hello Liora, a Skype talk in exchange for A bike bell Regards D

Greetings Daniel, I am a MFA in Graphic Design student from Vermont College of Fine Art. My current area of study is chance in graphic design. Your work, and specifically the one-minute circle, one-hour circle, and burn out circle, have influenced me. How does chance affect your art and career? If “chance” were a household object, what would it be? I have been studying the work of John Cage with creation designs with i-Ching. Any insight, suggestions, books, would be very helpful and appreciated. Best, Dannell MacIlwraith

Hello Dannell, a Skype talk in exchange for A book of poetry Regards D

Dear Daniel Eatock, My name is Hyein Jung and I am a candidate in the MFA program at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), pursuing my degree in graphic design, currently working on my thesis. I am reaching out to you today to request an hour of your time to interview you for my thesis. Your approach to your practice, in which you use methods of collecting, erasing, reframing as a way to open a space of unexpected relationships for the viewers is closely aligned with my thesis inquiry. As a graphic designer, my work aims to examine the space of marginalia and the concept of the term Paratext as a storytelling device to reimagine conventions of storytelling. I am interesting in discussing your methods of working and its affects on the final output, whether filed under graphic design or art. If you are willing, I will gladly make myself available whenever you have a window of time to conduct a Skype interview. If you would prefer an email interview (one email, and then one possible following email), I will be more than happy to send along some questions. Many thanks and best, Hyein Jung, Graphic Design Graduate Rhode Island School of Design

Hello Hyein, one hour of Skype in exchange for Water Colour Paints Regards D

Hi Daniel, I hope you’re well, I’m a 3rd year graphic design student at the University of Leeds in the midst of my independent project which is based on the use of our hands in the creative process. I would love to hear about the relationship you have with your hands as a creative - any stories or anecdotes: Do your hands require high maintenance? What is the best thing your hands have created? Would you say your hands are your moneymaker? What’s the worst piece of work your hands have created? Do you take your hands for granted or do you treat them like a king and queen? Have you ever thought what work you would/could create without the use of your hands? I would be so grateful for any response you can give me, and would appreciate any stories, anecdotes or even a line in response to this email. It would be a real help to hear the relationship you have with your hands as such a highly regarded graphic designer. Thank you so much, Mary Bowkett Student at the University of Leeds

Hello Mary, a few questions answered in exchange for Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream Regards D

Good Evening Sir, I was wondering if you could recommend a book to read. Very Respectfully, Caleb Denis Smith

Hello Sir, in exchange for the actual copy of the book I recommend, after you have finished reading it? Regards D

Hi Daniel, My name is Joseph Atkinson and I'm a student at Winchester School of Art. I was taking a look at your website, realising that a lot of your work has set limitations, or constraints. Could I ask you a few questions regarding limitations within design? I'll be using the answers throughout my research and development. Hope to hear from you soon! All the best, Joseph

Hello Joseph, a few questions answered (Skype or email) in exchange for The Visual Dictionary of Everyday Things (it can be a used copy) Regards D

Dear Mr Eatock, My name is Beth Clowes and I am in my final year as a graphic design masters student at Sheffield Hallam University. I am working on my final degree show project about exploring creative influence. Creativity as a commodity continues to be of high cultural value, yet proposed UK government education reforms could potentially have a damaging impact on the future inclusion of creativity within the classroom. I am exploring how the act of spontaneity can benefit the act of creativity. Whilst the value of creativity is clear, the value of spontaneity often goes missing when in fact, it is a powerful tool in a creative process. Looking for spontaneity goes against its free nature yet we need freedom to produce unique work. I am reaching out to experts in the creative industry to find your opinion on how spontaneity influences creativity. I would would be very grateful if you could spare the time to advise how you create spontaneity without trying. I understand that you are extremely busy and your valuable input is greatly appreciated.Regards, Beth Clowes

Hello Beth, a few questions answered (Skype or email) in exchange for Life in the Woods (it can be a used copy) Regards D

Hi Daniel, I'm a BA Graphic Design student at Camberwell College of Arts and I am currently exploring the significance of participatory culture in design. I first came across your project 'Utilitarian Poster' in the book 'Participation' which then lead me to discover the rest of your work and I think you have some brilliant concepts, relevant to my work. Reflecting on this, I hope it would be possible to ask you a few questions to be included in an essay of my findings. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Abbie Freeman

Hello Abbie, a few questions answered in exchange for adding up all the price labels on this sheet of Price Label Gift Wrap (it must be accurate to the penny!) Regards D

Hi Daniel, I am a huge fan of your work! My name is Margherita Buzzi, I am a Graphic Design graduate student at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. My thesis is an exploration into the act of designing collectively. I am testing different modes of participation (you can see more work here) and I am working under the guidance of my professor, Jon Sueda. I am writing and designing a book to go along with my thesis project. As you have been such an inspiration for me, I am hoping to include your point of view. Would you be willing to answering five quick questions? They are listed below and related to the outline of my book which draws connections between my early interests and what I am currently working on. I would be so grateful. Thanks for your time and consideration. Best, Margherita

QUESTIONS:1. What were your interests as a child? Are they related to what you do now? 2. What are the rewards and/or challenges of engaging people in participatory projects? 3. Over the course of your career, what has surprised you most? 4. What are your goals with involving people in your work?

Margherita Buzzi, four questions answered in exchange for Satin Island. Regards D

Hello Daniel, I was recently viewing your site and came upon the 'In Exchange For..." link. I've had this idea for a while and your Exchange forum seems a suitable avenue to finally act upon it. I would like you to send me a selection of used (written on) post it notes - any colour or size. Ideally I'd like 5-10. *The content is entirely your choice. I will then transpose facsimiles of each post it note's text/scribbles onto a variety of large scale painted canvases (of the same ratio and colour as the original post it note) using a standard bic ballpoint pen. I will send you photos of all canvases produced and allow you to pick one original canvas (if wanted).It is also my wish to produce 'street art' versions of one or more of these post it notes at a suitable location around east London. I hope you like the idea and wish to take part in the proposed exchange. Many thanks Charles

*due to the nature of the project you may wish to avoid sending post-it notes with personal information, tel numbers or private addresses.

Hello Charles, Your proposing both parts of the exchange – a different system. I would be happy to send you 10 Post-it notes in exchange for Good design. Regards D

Hi Daniel, I'm Shuruti, an MA Communication Design student from Central Saint Martins college of Art. Regarding my self initiated project I am looking at realigning print and hand made art in the digital age. Not pitting digital technology against print, but looking at a how they can co exist, a symbiotic relationship. I've been following your projects and they seem so ephemeral, interactive and brilliantly subtle. It would be great if you could respond to my write up of what I intend to work on - an opinion or a standpoint would do. I'm in the initial stage of defining my project and it would really help me if you can help me out via Skype or email (whichever you prefer). Hoping to hear from you soon! Regards, Shuruti

P.S. In exchange for is such a fun idea! It would be interesting to see how it would work with pure exchange of services or with options of products to buy, a wish list or some variety in that area. Just a thought!

Hello Shuruti, 30 minute Skype chat in exchange for innertubes. Regards D

Hi Daniel,

I am a first year Graphic Design Student in Hull, and have grown up seeing you work for Big Brother on TV for years without knowing who the designer was! even though I was of a young age I appreciated the messages and references found in each years logo and the thought that went in to them. I am attending the 4 Designers conference on 23rd Feb and whilst in London I would love to meet you for a coffee and to ask you a few questions about your design process when working with Channel 4 to create each eye. If not in person a Skype chat would be great! I am in London on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of Feb! Hope you can help! Kind Regards, Sam Tasker

Hello Sam, 30 minute Skype chat in exchange for this. Regards D

Dear Mr Eatock My name is Arthur Dunster and I am a student of Ravensbourne doing Graphic Design in third year. Therefore I am engrossed in my Dissertation. I want to explain how arts practice has progressed beyond the confines of specific media, into a space where artists create their own medium (and thus outcome), through the creation of their own methodologies. If possible I would like to interview you on your own opinions on said matter if you have time. I am interested in your own processes and the outcomes that are forged. Thank you very much. A.

Hello Arther, in exchange for these. Regards D

Hi Daniel, I’m a student at ravensbourne college of design and communication, I am currently conducting research for my dissertation on design authorship. Would it be possible to ask you a few questions on self initiated projects, as a great deal of your projects are personal ones. It would be extremely helpful and interesting to get your perspective on the matter. King Regards, Jamiel Thompson

Hello Jamiel, in exchange for this. Regards D

Hello, We are two third year students studying Graphic Design at Brighton. We are looking at manifestos and are interested in the idea of how they change the way people work.Could you please send us a rule, that you think designers should follow and we will produce work accordingly. Thank you India and Elle

Hello India and Elle, in exchange for this. Regards D

Hi Daniel, My name is Melinda Kaun. I'm a senior BFA student at Biola University in California. My design teacher recently showed us some videos of talks you have given about your work and I was intrigued and impressed with the way you handle your creative process and interact with ideas in general. For our senior seminar class we have to conduct interviews with artists we're interested in about their practice and studio habits. It would only take about an hour over Skype or, if the time difference makes that unappealing, I would be happy to email the questions to you. What would you want in exchange? I hope you are doing well and I hope we get the chance to talk. -- Melinda

Hello Melinda, ok – one hour of Skype in exchange for screwdrivers. Regards D

Hi Daniel, I’m a Final Year Fine Art Student from the University of Gloucestershire and am absolutely in love with your pen paintings. What would you like for ANY one of your pen drawings? I’m sure to love any that you have produced, so what kind of thing do you need right now? Let’s do a swap! Best Wishes, Emma Howell P.S. I make GREAT brownies.

Hello Emma, ok – I will send you a very special A4 drawing in exchange for mudguards. Regards D

Dear Mr Eatock, My name is Sophie Hardy, I am an undergraduate student studying Art and Design at the University of Leeds. I am currently gathering information for my final year dissertation, in which I aim to research the use of everyday, or 'ready-made' objects within modern art and how the public perceive this type of art. I recently came across an article based on your series "One+One" on, after reading said article I wanted to know more and therefore found your website I have looked at the many pieces of work you have created within this series, and found that the way you take two seemingly ordinary objects and combine them to make a new 'object' is intriguing. Therefore an insight into the series and you as the artist would be very interesting to me and my research. I am sending this email to ask whether you would be willing to answer some interview questions in a follow up email, focusing on the pieces of artwork within One + One. There will only be 6 questions and therefore it should not take up a lot of your time. Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I understand you are very busy but I look forward to hearing back from you as it would be a great help to me and my studies. Kind Regards, Sophie Hardy

hello Sophie, ok – in exchange for this book. Regards D

Hi Daniel, My name is Amanda, and I'm an MFA Graphic Design student at RISD. We just had our first thesis class of the semester and were asked to choose an artist or designer from this list: Andrew Blauvelt, Camille Henrot, Charles and Ray Eames, Daniel Eatock, Dexter / Sinister, Experimental Jetset, Harroll Fletcher, Hito Steyerl, Jean Luc Molene, Jill Magid, Jurg Lehni, Linked By Air, Lust, M/M Paris, Marcel Broodthaers, Mark Dion, Metahaven, Muriel Cooper, Nina Katchadourian, OK-RM, P!, Paul Elliman, Project Projects, Rob Giampetro, Seth Price, Simon Denny, Simon Starling, Sophie Calle, Taryn Simon, Tibor Kalman, Trevor Paglen, Walid Raad. I chose you because I love the humor and participatory nature of your work. The point of the assignment is not only to share your work with my classmates but to probe into your "thesis" and process and understand how you share your ideas with the outside world. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions about your practice via email and share any advice you may have about approaching a graduate thesis. (I'm also curious if you know of any particularly good/strange smoothie recipes. I read that you drink one everyday—so do I!) Best, Amanda

hello Amanda, ok – in exchange for this book. + best smoothie recipes always contain seasonal fruits with banana, oats and flax seed! Regards D

Dear Daniel, I would like to receive one of your recent ‘pen painting’. But just an A4 part of the entire A0, if it's possible. You choose it, ‘in exchange for’ formula would be perfect. Let me know. thank you Filippo

Hello Filippo – ok in exchange for this as the object of exchange. Regards D

Hello, Daniel! I saw one of your pen prints at a RISD show on graphic design & ended up your website the next day and loved every bit of it. I was wondering if your neckclasp necklaces are for sale anywhere -- I couldn't find any on the link from 2005. Happy/eager to exchange something other than money, but down to do that as well. Yours, Gillian

Hello Gillian Thank you for your kind words! I am no longer selling the Neckclasp / however I have a few original versions that have the title ‘Neckclasp’ micro etched on each individual clasp, this was done as the silver hallmark was made. I only made 25 Neckclasps that had this small detail. Recently I have been reducing my archive and have decided to sell two of the five that I have remaining. I would exchange one for this… Mauviel Copper Triply Roasing Tin With bronze handles, 35cm x 25cm x 7cm. Best regards Dan

I am writing to invite you to be part of PRINT ISN'T DEAD - the soon to be quarterly publication by People of Print. Our request - as part of your In Exchange for… is for you to create a piece for the magazine that will sit within the perimeters of an A4 page. The only rule is for it to have - in some way - a connection to the world of print. The magazine specifications are as follows: A4, full bleed, full colour including the neon spot colour Pantone 805c. We are working to the timeframe of receiving all content by Friday 16th May in order to have sufficient time to design/proof read etc. Could it be possible for our exchange to be realised by then? Although - there is the potential for that date to be pushed into the future if need be. Very much looking forward to your exchange response and completing our exchange proposal. Your inclusion in PRINT ISN'T DEAD is to be greatly received. Thanks in advance. Yours Sincerely Cody Lee Barbour PoP

Hello Cody, thank you for the invitation. I propose this as the object of exchange. Regards D

Dear Mr. Eatock, since October 2013, I’m joining the Master’s program Gutenberg Intermedia at the University FH Mainz. With my colleagues and the Institute Designlabor Gutenberg we are devoted to the theme "Design for Participation" and are drafting an overview of definitions, methods, phenomena and the historical tradition of participatory projects in the 20th and 21st centuries. A particular emphasis is placed on current design positions. The goal of this research are two publications. Firstly, a publication in the form of an interactive timeline on the net and the other a printed publication that gathers projects and texts on the topic of "Design for Participation". The second part would be the one where we would be delighted to have you in and support us! It would be great to ask you some questions in reference to some participatory projects of yours. If you're interested, we could have a little skype session or of course you could answer my questions via E-Mail. Have a nice and sunny Easter weekend! Would be really nice to hear from you, All the best, Léonie Britz

Hello Léonie, a little Skype session in exchange for this book? It can be a used copy.

Hello Daniel, Thanks for your presentation at Grafill, Oslo. Very interesting. Could I ask you a couple of questions in regards to my Bachelor-thesis? Would appreciate it. Thanks. All best, Nicklas L Haslestad Graphic Design — Westerdals School of Communication

Hello Nicklas, in exchange for this book? It can be a used copy.

Hi, my name's Colleen and I’m a second year Graphic Design student at Camberwell College of Arts and currently have a project in which I have to produce my own manifesto. I am looking into the relationship between handcrafted and digital and trying to readdress what people consider technology to be in regards to their practice/daily lives, trying to collect a variety of views upon the subject. I attended the VP talk you held last year at Wilson Road and found your work extremely interesting and something that stuck in my mind. I'd love to hear your opinion on what you consider technology to be if you don't mind taking a few minutes out of your time by completing the sentence 'technology is...' and elaborating slightly to explain your point. Thanks and all the best, Colleen

Hello Colleen, in exchange for this book? It can be a used copy.

Hi Daniel, My name is Andrea Edgar. I am currently a student at Eastern Washington University (Cheney, Washington USA) and am pursuing a second degree in Visual Communication Design. One of my instructors, Travis Masingale, introduced us to you in our class. I am intrigued by your work and approach to the creative process. As such, I was wondering if you would be so kind as to share two pieces of advice with my classmates and me. 1: Do you have a quote, passage, or piece of advice that has provided you guidance or inspiration in your formative years to present? 2: Could you offer a piece of personal advice for us as problem solvers through design? I, personally, am curious in how you "employ a rational, logical and pragmatic approach when making work." Could you expand upon that further? What may I offer you in return for your time? Thank you in advance, Andrea Edgar

Hello Andrea, this clock?

Daniel, First off, thank you for sharing your work online, I enjoy looking through the endless amount of images that capture your work and your involvement in the community. My design teacher here at Biola University, Los Angeles showed me a lecture of yours a few years back and ever since, your work has frequently come to mind as I am beginning my own practice. I really admire the sense of playfulness and curiosity that you bring to your work and practice. It has inspired me to explore interests that I often let go of because I didn't know that I could do anything with them. I am now in my graduating semester and these ideas that I have been thinking about have influenced my upcoming BFA Senior Exhibition along with my latest work. For a class that I am in, we are to interview a practicing artist that we are interested in and I was wondering if you would be able to answer a few questions for me via email. Would it be okay to send you those questions for you to answer when you have time? Beau Morris, Biola University

Hello Beau, in exchange for this book? The questions must not be presented as a list, but asked one at a time, with the answer informing the next question.

Dear Daniel, I would love to receive a postcard from you. Let me know if I can do something in return. kind regards, ipek

Hello Ipek, in exchange for this book?

Hi Daniel, I don’t suppose you have any Utilitarian Greeting Cards for sale do you? If so, could I PayPal you for them? Corrie Gerard

Hello Corrie, I have this version. And will exchange for this book.

Hi there, My name is Megan Menke and I am a graphic design major at Trinity International University. I am in need of your help. I need you to send me an image of a handwritten note containing words of wisdom. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just a simple word or phrase. I am creating a collective mentorship through sharing tidbits of wisdom. For my final capstone project, I am gathering a collection of these notes from entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, artists, just like you! I will compile the notes into a book and will sell the book download on an interactive website where people can continually offer wisdom to each other. I hope you choose to be apart of this collaboration, Megan

Hello Megan, your request will be exchanged for this book. Regards Dan

Hello fellow creative, Firstly, thank you for taking time to read this email from me, jarett. Im a student pursing my BA in graphic design in Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. As i am crafting out my thesis, i would need to conduct interviews through email in support of my hypothesis. You have been chosen, as i am looking at designers / artists whom have executed participatory design works. I hope you could spare a little time in answering the questions below to your best knowledge. Your response would be most beneficial to a student like me tackling a participatory design based project for my final year. Thank you very much for your time and responses, as this means a lot to me. Jarett Jeyadas Mathew

Hello Jarett, your questions will be exchanged for one pair of lovingly made hand knitted 100% wool socks in a soft natural colour 6.5 UK size. Regards Dan

Dear Daniel, what are you doing? I am frequently confronted with this question and a lot of stereotypes are firmly fixed in people's minds. I will be happy if you take part in my questionnaire within the the next few days until 15 November 2013 – it will take about 10 minutes. Currently I am studying communication design at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. I am working on my final project under the mentoring of Prof. Xuyen Dam. I want to clear up the misunderstandings about the image of designers by showing both views: an interior view from designer's perspective and an exterior view from outsider's perspective. In addition I want to achieve that working as designer will be appropriately valued and payed. I will analyze all data and communicate the output visually understandable. Up to now some designers such as Ken Garland, Karel Martens and Andreas Uebele participated already. Please fill in your online form. I am following your projects with great interest and I am curious about your view. I will happily answer every future question and I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Karin

Hello Karin, your online form will be completed in exchange for this book (it can be a used copy). Regards Dan

Hello Daniel, I am writing a dissertation on designers and artists who use the crowd to generate content. I am focusing on how they can justify this. The answer I propose is that they can do that by releasing the final outcome back to the crowd and credit contributions. One of my case studies are your 'participate' works. Naturally I came across 'In exchange for…' and I had a thought: My plan is to cut my dissertation into clumps of 300 words or so, and divide these into separate pages. I will then ask individuals to design the different pages (one page each). My ultimate purpose is to have every page of my work designed by a different person. My first request is that you to design one of these pages. And the second is that you follow me on twitter. Name what you would like in exchange? Regards, Gilad Visotsky

Good morning Gilad. Great. 1. You are being followed on twitter. 2. Handwrite 300 words of your dissertation in blue biro on a blank A4 page, correct any mistakes in TipEx. The exchange proposal… a book: Desmond Morris Catwatching (it can be a used copy) Regards Dan

I am going into 3rd year, Fine Art sculpture, and I am starting my dissertation. The subject I have chosen to write about is failure, and failure in the function/purpose of objects. I am particularly fond of your combinations of objects such as 'Trumpet and Oilcan' and 'Parasol Base and Weights", both of which are being used for purposes which they are not made for, and I wanted to know if failure is a part of your process? Would it be possible to ask you a few questions?
Best, Jodie Cheung

Hello Jodie, 5 questions will be thoughtfully answered in exchange for this book. Regards Dan

Hello, my name is Daniel Ginns, I'm currently in my final year studying Illustration at Camberwell College of Art. At the moment I am doing a project that involves the creation of artwork that utilises chance as a method of production. I attended the talk you did at Camberwell towards the end of last year and really enjoyed, later I looked more in depth into your work and became intrigued in your process of creation. I was wondering if you would be able to answer a few questions I have prepared? It would be really beneficial to me personally and to my project, you could answer them as in depth as you like and the answers would go no further than my project book. (not on the internet etc)
Hope to hear from you soon Daniel Ginns

Ok – in exchange for a water colour painting of a coke can (archetypal, red, not diet or Pepsi), mix the water colour paint with coke from the can (the subject) not water. The can should appear actual size in the painting and be on an A4 page. Dan

Dear Daniel Eatock, Gravity zine is a small circulation independently run fanzine for lovers of art, words and the unusual. If you would like to contribute all we can promise is a freshly photocopied mag in the post and a thank you letter. I should tell you the concept: There's no concept. Free expression, DIY, experimentation Pseudonyms acceptable.
Best wishes Omar Majeed

Hello Omar When the magazine is completed, bundle the stack together and tie with string. Throw it of the highest point you can find, photograph the landing site, ie. slightly crumpled stack with dinted corners, strewed across the dirt/pavement etc. Insert one photograph of the damaged stack in each individual copy of the zine. Best regards Dan

Hi Daniel, how are you? I'm a graphic designer and graduate student at Pratt. For one of our assignments we are required to interview a designer and since I'm researching the use of chance as a tool in the design process for my thesis, I believe you are the right person to talk to. Please let me know if we can schedule some time to talk at your convenience.
Thanks in advance, Bárbara

In exchange for… the standard university t-shirt from your university shop / roughly cut in half with scissors and carefully stitched back together. Regards Dan

Hi Daniel, Hope you're well. We are planning on releasing a split 7" record with a friend's band… This is the song we're using for our A Side: Accept the Mystery Let me know if you have any ideas for a video, obviously we'd love to work with you again!
Cheers, Craig

Sellotape four iPhones on a hoolahoop pointing in four directions: north, south, east, west. Play the song live, and have a hoolahooping fan/friend stand in the middle of the stage whizzing the hoop around and around as it records blurry footage of the band on each iPhone. In the edit, make a split screen in 4 quarters and show all footage unedited. D

Hi Daniel, I’m a first year graphic design student at UAL Camberwell, I was in a lecture of yours at Wilson Road lecture theatre. I immediately thought of you when I was asked to interview a designer for an essay I'm working on at the moment regarding participatory culture. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if you've had similar emails from other people in my class. The 'participate' section of your website is perticularly relevant, where you collaborate with your audience. I've written some questions at the bottom of this email. Please just let me know if you don’t have time for this. However, if you do, I’d be really happy to hear from you! This is the statement I’m looking at, it refers to the media, however I’m looking at it from a design perspective: “participatory culture..... describes the way consumers interact with media content, media producers and each other. As they explore the resources available to them.. consumers become active participants in shaping the creation, circulation and interpretation of media content, such experiences deepen the consumers investment in the media property and expands their awareness of both content and brand.” MIT, Convergence Culture Consortium. And these are the three questions for you: - How relevant is participatory culture to your work generally? - In regards to your 'participate' section, what do you think drives people to take and then send their photographs to you? - In conversations about participatory culture it is often argued that the once binary roles of ‘designer’ and ‘audience’/’consumer’ are becoming blurred, would you agree with this? Thank you so much for your time. Look forward to hearing from you!
Thanks again, Amy Haigh

Hello Amy - I propose a swap – I will answer your questions in exchange for an A4 sheet of paper coloured in (as densely as possible) on both sides in HB pencil lead Regards Dan

Hi Daniel, Firstly, I would like to say that your work has been very inspiring, in particular the pen prints, Currently I'm a final year Graphic design student at University of Arts London, Camberwell. Your talk a few weeks ago was interested and I believe your work ethic and design outcomes are relevant within my current project. I am in the process of writing a dissertation primarily focusing on the ergonomics of creativity - discussing views around: How does the ergonomic influence manifest itself in creative thinking? How does play influence innovation ? I wondered if you could send over some of your own ideas surrounding the importance of play, and ergonomic creativity. I perceive your work as logical yet experimental, I like the way your designs can sometimes create an new art work as an outcome, the pens and the paper balancing, creating harmony, and the ink on paper itself, beautiful colours and patterns created. Could you expand on the process behind your creative work ethic: how do you perceive humor, studio culture, technology and innovation within your work? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I would love to include elements of your working process within this discussion.
Many Thanks Rachel Freeman

Ok, In exchange for a nirvana t-shirt, the one with a smiley face with a weird mouth and nice statement on the reverse that reads "flower sniffing kitty pettin corporate whores" D

Hi Daniel, my name is Christy Silva and I am currently a student at California College of the Arts particularly majoring in Graphic Design and even more particularly taking a studio titled experimentation with Jeremy Mende. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions for a presentation I will be giving on YOU! unfortunately Jeremy assigned this yesterday and its due tomorrow @ 9am usa pacific standard time that means it will be 5pm your time so i am REALLY hoping you can answer @ least ONE of my questions but the more the merrier! cheers! To presents their experimental focus and methods. Your presentation should include: 1. Background Who is this person? What in their personal, educational, and/or professional background is relevant to what they do. 2. Experimentation What tools do they use? How do they use them? What concepts and ideologies interest them? What kind of experiments, specifically, do they conduct? 3. Examples Present two to three of their projects that demonstrate their line of investigation. 4. Critical analysis Given our definition of critical analysis (see below) describe the mechanics of how this work functions on us. That is, what are we interpreting within the work to derive a meaning, mood, or narrative direction? 5. Art or design? Is their experimental work conducted in the context of commercial projects, or is done purely as a personal or creative investigation outside any commercial assumptions? 6. What do they say? What do they say about their experiments? Do they consider their work actively “experimental”, that is are they always searching for devising new experiments, or is this just the way they always work? Get in touch with them, introduce yourself, and ask. Design Criticism is the analytical review of a piece of design to reveal: a. What it communicates, b. How it communicates, c. The politics around its form, materials, methods, assumptions, and meaning, d. Reasons why or why not it appeals to us as aware consumers of design.
love always, Christy Silva

In exchange for a t-shirt from your university?

Daniel, I just recently saw your felt tip prints at the Graphic Design exhibit at Governor's Island in NYC. I absolutely loved the simple and genuine nature of the work. They are just so very clever and honest. The resulting work is open to interpretation and gives me the feeling of being light heartened and relaxed through the craziness. I watched some clips online afterwards of you speaking about them and it added to the work for me. I would love to buy prints of the work for my home but don't seem to find any outlet to purchase prints of your work. Please let me know if there is somewhere I should be directed to in order to do this.
Thank you, Sean

Hello Sean Thanks for your email, really nice to hear how much you appreciate the work. I occasionally make prints as commissions. The last few I have made I proposed a fee of £1 per dot. The more dots the larger the paper. 500 would be the minimum amount of dots. Best regards from London Dan