Word Sculptures

Angry crossword
Autographed signpost
Baby sitting down
Barbecue up
Birthday credit card
Boat deck chair
Book reserved
Bowtie and arrow
Brand newspaper
Burning fireman
Camera film star
Clean washing line
Computer disco
Computer mouse trap
Cowboy udder
Cricket batman
Crying whale
Daffodil light bulb
Dandelion tamer
Dark light shade
Divorced stepladder
Door key board
Engine and tonic
Femail box
Filofax machine
Gate postbox
Half price yacht sale
Hammer toenail
Heavy light switch
High-rise flat
Ill Wishing well
Khaki car key
Lazy bulldozer
Mad cowboy disease
Melted butterfly
Microwave goodbye
Navy sealed envelope
Newspaper hat
Pencil knife
Plain aeroplane
Plastic iron
Prescription wine glasses
Quick breakfast
Radio controlled radio
Rechargeable battery hen
Right hand gliding
Santa's sledge hammer
Short brief case
Sinking space ship
Sleeping restaurant
Soup bowling
Stationary bus stop
Suitable suit
Sun settee
Swimming tree trunks
Table topless
Television aerial view
Tie a rainbow
Tin can't
Toilet rolling pin
Tooth pick axe
Train tractor
Train track suit
Washing machine gun
Waterfall over