A2 ProMarker Pen Prints

A2 ProMarker Pen Prints

A new edition of 25 ‘unique’ prints made using the Winsor & Newton ProMarker Extended Collection of 96 colours arranged in the manufactures chart. The marker pens were left standing upright in a custom jig, with their nibs resting on the top layer of a stack of A2 paper for 96 hours. Slowly the ink seeped through 25 sheets creating an edition of related prints, each unique. Signed and numbered. Assigned in sequence.

£96 (only 3 left)

Before framing I recommend dry mounting this work. The print should run just under the frames fillets, with no border or white space. Please use UV glass to prevent the colours from fading with sun light.

Ships within 24 hours. No refunds for damaged returns. If you have special requests please email me at daniel@eatock.com

1/25 (sold)