Big Brother 4

Big Brother 4
logo and graphic identity commissioned by Channel Four

The Guardian newspaper referred to the Big Brother landmarks, commissioned by Channel 4 in 2003 to promote series four, as “brandalism.”

Building Banner

Chalk Drawing
The Big Brother chalk eye was painted with permission by the National Trust above the mysterious White Horse, which was carved into the chalk hillside above the village of Uffington
in Oxfordshire England over three thousand years ago. The eye was made using an environmentally friendly chalk-based paint and took eight hours to finish. It was later removed using high-power water jets.

Crop Circle
The Big Brother crop circle was made in a rapeseed field at Lockibgkiln Farm, Wantage, Oxfordshire, England. The one-hundred-meter-wide crop circle took six people a total of seven hours to construct.

Sand Drawing
The Big Brother sand drawing was made on the beach at Cefn Sidan, Pembrey Court Park, Carmarenthenshire, Wales. It was sixty-five meters wide and took a crew of six people over six hours to construct. The window between high and low tide left only eight hours to build and photograph the drawing. The darker patterns in the wet sand were created by removing dry areas of sand.

Stone Sculpture
The Big Brother stone sculpture, constructed at Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Inverness, Scotland, with permission by Historic Scotland, took a crew of ten people about ten hours to complete. Approximately fifteen tons of limestone from a local quarry were delivered to the site, and the eye was visible for forty-eight hours before it was removed by the crew.