Daniel Eatock


4 Powell Road
E5 8DJ

My specialism is lateral thinking, resolving the complexity encountered in the world with reductive poetic logic. I intertwine commercial and cultural practice: responding to the paradox of daily life and the complexities of project assignments. I seek focused solutions that feel inevitable. I get there by starting at the beginning, asking why, what if… then making sense of the things I find with radical acceptance and by embracing truth.

Please follow me on Instagram. I am reposting works, exploring the things I have made over the past twenty years in preparation for the next twenty years.

LCD Rain Drops
Water drops on LCD screen for display on LCD screen

Each water drop creates a convex prism that magnifies and reveals the RGB pixels. Photographing these drops and displaying them back on an LED screen creates a trompe l’oeil of magnifying the very pixels that render the drops display.