Camera Straps

Camera Straps
2005 – ongoing

Photograph the strap attached to your camera (like a dog chasing its own tail) and email to: daniel (at) eatock (dot) com
Bettina Vismann
Martin Andersen
Martin Andersen
Frederico Batista
Ipek Ugurlu
Whitney Wong
Manuel Boden
Michael Bussell
Joby Waldman
Denise Tvilde Trankalis
Hollie Warren
Ariana James
Niek Eijsbouts
Jhony Marquete
Benjamin Dennel
Matt Wilson
Jake Hopwood
Alexander Brown
Nick Blakeman
Santi Guerrero
Alastair Guy
David Machin
Carmen Quintana
Sam Gosling
Martin Andersen
Laura van Dijk
Robert Fougere
Kaarle Hurtig
Matthijs van Leeuwen
Robert Fougere
Raoul Pilcicki
Joe Hales
Cami Raben
Sera Fox
Omar Méndez
Hollye Chapman
Sara Duell
Ron Arztmann
Tobias Schererbauer
Amy Barker
Tim Keeling
Ben Cullimore
River Jukes-Hudson
Fumi Congan
Chris Burns
Pernille Krog Mogensen
Maureen Gubia
Omar Delgado
Ami Nevo
Tabitha Perryman
Tim Waters
Martino Rossi
Stephanie Ognar
Greet Derudder
Michelle Coen
Maria Gabriella Astolfo
Vanessa Torrez
Nick Loaring
Kate Payne
Peter Conway
Laura Bordin
Andrea Buran
Giuliana Tammaro
Mario Ciaramitaro
Catherine Hemelryk
György Kőrössy
James E Smith
Adam Squires
Chas Goddard
Liam Casey
Ben Little
James Killcross
Sophia Ben Yedder
Emma Alpern
Yong Seok Jang
Helgi P Einarsson
Adam Squires
Adam Squires
Zakary Jensen
Filipe Cartaxo Silva
Chris Svensson
Tom Birkett
David Marsh
Sam Mallett
Mat Jones
Eli Rikter-Svendsen
Tom Vanwelkenhuyzen
Nicolas Abraham
Louie Solomon
Colin Fan
Paul Panson
Finlay Wallace
Andrea Balzarini
Malcolm Chivers
Jack Crossing
Joe Obrien
Zhang Shuo
Fermin Cimadevilla
Melvin Galapon
Peter Clarkson
Joe Fleming
Loul Bond
Federico Giustini
Asobi Tsuchiya
Ray Martinez
Fred Weedon
Stephen Kirk
Jonathan Xavier Margono
Adrienne Yancey
Eilidh McDonald
Zakary Jensen
Andy Croson
Rob Lock
Anna McEwan
Dave Moloney
Gordon Armstrong
Rik Moran
Steve Lea
Caro Mikalef
James RE Boynton
Matthias Wyler
Sebastian Greenall
Daniel Phillips
Ben Weeks
Gavin Day
Luciano Colucci
Stefan Prica
Anna Fidalgo
Kate Nielsen
Michael Place
Louis Bonnet
Hugh Frost
Flávia Müller Medeiros
Timothy Evans
Marc Sullivan
Gilles Landry
Daniel Pagan
Ben Cattroll
Hanna Werning
Darren Wong
Tom Balm
Flo Heiss
Sam Stephens
Denis Lirette
Garus Booth
Garus Booth
Daniel Eatock
Joana Niemeyer
Anthony Sheret
James Greenfield