Caption Poster

Caption Poster

This poster was originally created for the exhibition, Infotecture at Artists Space in New York City. All the exhibition captions and information texts; title, introduction, artwork captions etc. typeset to fill a single side of an A1 page. The sheet was exhibited alongside each work in the exhibition. Only the information relevant to the work next to which it was placed was legible, all other information was crossed out by hand.

This version of the poster was re-created using the names and descriptions from the participating artists for the 4th International Typography Biennale at Typojanchi, Seoul, Korea.


Daniel Eatock's Caption Poster shows one strategically adaptable example not in the language of fine art but in the context of graphic design, where a graphic designer steps inside the white cube. He collected all of the Typojanchi participant artist’s information including names, titles, materials, sizes and made one poster with them. He then crossed out all of the other information except for his own caption information. Therefore, this project as the title implies itself, is a poster as well as a caption of the work.

Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, KR