Name of Colours

A spectrum of names to imagine colours that accompany them


Goods White
House White
Socks White
Van White
Double Yellow
Mellow Yellow
Pages Yellow
Tooth Yellow
Vitamin Urine Yellow
Polluted Aquamarine
Outside Indigo
Kind of Blue
Movie Blue
Peter Blue
Police Light Blue
Rinse Blue
Planet Blue
Banana Green
Envious Green
Mucus Green
Traffic Light Green
Dead Coral
Aerial Pink
Tickle Pink
Bruised Plum
Deep Purple
Hazy Purple
Rain Purple
Turning Purple
Blood Orange
Cordial Orange
Juicy Orange
Eye Red
Nose Red
Riding Hood Red
Roxanne Red
Shallow Red
Burning Charcoal
Bread Ginger
Sun Tan
Ian Brown
Poo Brown
Renee Brown
Earl Grey
Hair Grey
Sky Grey
Suit Grey
Bin Bag Black
Fade to Black
Flag Black
Frank Black
Olive Black
Paint it Black
Sheep Black