A1 Rolling Pin Collage

Rolling Pin Collage
paper collage, painting, print, aluminium frame
A1 594mm x 841mm
Signed / each unique

I couldn’t have made this work with intention. The rolled shapes and colours haphazardly overlapped by happen stance as a by-product of making the A0 Rolling Pin Paintings. Originally these sheets of paper where used like blotting paper to remove access paint from the wood canvas so the paint achieved a very flat application.

My attention was focused on the creation of the paintings, and zero creative thought was directed at these sheets. It was only after a stack had amassed that I felt the need to work with them. Like making a meal from combining leftover food, forcing combinations of ingredients to work with a desire to be economical and avoid waste. In the same vain I treated each sheet as a leftover, cut them in
half, and reassembled different parts seeking out moments of serendipity, alignment and harmony.

There are 40 in the set – many of the shapes can be found within the A0 Rolling Pin Paintings.

£300 framed available from SCP