Inside Out
existing plywood pedestals relocated from Lokaal01 and placed on the streets of Breda, Holland

An art gallery environment is often refereed to as a ‘White Cube’. Inside the ‘White Cube’ you will often find more ‘white cubes’, boxes of different proportions commonly called ‘pedestals’, supporting art objects. Unlike the internal white cube environment of the gallery, the pedestal is a box with only its external top horizontal surface used for the display of art.

For State Your Business all preexisting pedestals from Lokaal 01 will be relocated from within the gallery to the city, literally taking the ‘white cubes’ out of the ‘white cube’. They will no longer be the support for an art object, nothing is placed on the pedestal, instead it is the pedestal that is placed in relation to existing conditions within the city that share the same formal language, electric boxes, waste bins, car park ticket machines etc.