Earth Bound Sky Bound
108 pages, 17 × 24 cm, blue Risographic print
Edition of 100
Published by Automatic Books

A selection of 52 photographs taken over the last ten years. Each an attempt to capture the amazing spectacle of the horizon. The line of the horizon is hidden in the margin of the book.

In some pages the obscured horizon line is imposed by the viewer, using the shadowed binding space as an assumed horizon line. In other pages, there is a noticeable jump of pictorial information between the two separate spaces of earth and sky within the image frame. We know that the horizon exists, but when this particular part of place is hidden in the folds of a glue binding, the infinitude of earth and sky becomes broken and separated. In such, the space is folded.

Eatock breaks one of the basic formatting rules of publishing by losing the page margins into the binding. But when the conventions of book formatting fall back in on themselves, an additional in-between space is created. The book then becomes a sculptural medium rather than simply an information receptacle. The physicality of the object is utilised as a constructed, collapsable space.

A Chronological Manor