Alarm Dance 1
video, 58 seconds

At the start of the 90s/end of the 80s the underground rave scene reached a peak. As the last excesses of an increasingly totalitarian Thatcherite government intensified, the criminal justice act was passed in parliament. This prohibited 'gatherings', as I remember it, of more than four individuals in venues where repetitive beats could be heard.

To an increasingly pilled up and blissed out group of hardcore ravers, this was seen as a fundamental invasion of human rights, quite rightly. There were many acts of defiance, including, when warehouse parties were raided by the police, evicted ravers dancing to the 'repetitive beats' of squad car and riot van sirens pulled up outside the venue.

To this day, my friend Will and I, despite the fact that we are now in our mid thirties and attempting to hold down senior management positions, will wave our hands in the air like idiots if we hear police sirens.

Those were the days

Bill Griffin